Dr. Fuhrman: Given Months to Live, Pam Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

Pam S 1Pam had metastatic cancer 14 years ago; after consulting Dr. Fuhrman and learning what foods could help defeat cancer she says, “with all I threw at that cancer, it withdrew quickly”

Imagine my shock. I’d visited a doctor merely to follow up on shortness of breath experienced when hiking, and I left with the news that my right pulmonary cavity was filled with fluid, my  right lung had collapsed, and I probably had an advanced stage of metastatic cancer. Laboratory results were quick to confirm that grim diagnosis.

With my children, stepchildren, husband, other family members, friends, and students all counting on me, my instinct was to remain positive and optimistic. However, the instinct of several of my cancer specialists was to be brutally frank and pessimistic about my prognosis. I asked what I could do nutritionally to Pam S 2strengthen my immune system, and was told that it wouldn’t make much difference what I did. In other words, in their opinion, my situation was nearly hopeless. My common sense told me to hold firm to my belief that I could indeed affect my healing by keeping my immune system functioning optimally. Dr. Fuhrman was one of the first healers I sought who I knew would believe in my recovery. He had been my primary care physician under a previous health insurance plan, and I knew about his skill in using nutrition to fight and stave off illness. On-board with the belief that I would survive my health challenge, he explained what foods would keep me feeling well and help to defeat the cancer growth.

I followed his advice faithfully, managing to get through my twelve chemotherapy treatments without becoming incapacitated or unproductive. I continued my work as a school librarian and children’s book author. Joining my dogs and cats in my squad of faithful companions, was my Vita-Mix blender. It accompanied me on every trip that involved overnights. Starting my day without my nutritious shake was never considered. My frequent walks in nature were an enormous help in keeping me strong. I soaked in as much positive energy from the natural world as possible. My eyes and spirit were more open and in tune with this world, as I learned to just “be,” to celebrate living, to observe more closely, and to be quiet.

The medical specialists who had spoken to me early in my diagnosis remain undecided as to whether the cancer metastasized from an ovary or from a lung, or from somewhere else. The multiple liters of fluid drained from my plural cavity were cancerous, and that was what mattered.

I have thanked Dr. Fuhrman countless times for believing in my healing when many others didn’t. When told that even if the cancer cells were eliminated, and even if suspicious sites were removed, the illness would soon return, I knew that with the guidance I was receiving from my healing team, I would be all right.  My original diagnosis was made on December 1st, 1997, over fourteen years ago. a My nutritional practices have not changed since I learned from Dr. Fuhrman what is essential for a healthy body. I am living a happy and fulfilling life and I appreciate every new day.

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