Over 100 Thousand Guatemalans Assisted by Cuban Ophthalmologists

operayionmiracle 2Cuban ophthalmologists have administered eye surgery on more than 109 thousand 752 Guatemalan citizens since 2008, according to Rosa Lidia Torres, who coordinates the Operation Miracle free-eye-surgery program in Guatemala.

From January to September this year, over 8 thousand 300 patients underwent eye surgery in hospitals located in the Departments of Guatemala, Jalapa, San Marcos and Escuintla, said Torres from Guatemala city.

Guatemalan president Otto Perez and foreign minister Fernando Carrera have publicly acknowledged the role of the Cuban health professionals, who have offered more than 34 million patient consultations since 1998 in remote areas of the Central American country.

Operation Miracle is a humanitarian project first implemented in 2004 and boosted by the governments of Cuba and Venezuela in an effort to return the sight to low-income and poor citizens who suffer from curable eye disease.

The project is part of Latin American integration efforts and other programs aimed at achieving regional unity as promoted by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America.

Over the past 11 years, over three million Latin American citizens have been benefited with the free-eye-surgery program, including Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, Salvadorian, Colombian, Costa Rican, Venezuelan, Bolivian, Dominican and Argentinean patients.

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