Angola Celebrates Cuban Culture Day

The Cuban Culture Day was celebrated in Luanda, with a speech about the spirit of the song that later became Cuba’s National Anthem and music, as authentic universal language.

Gisela GarciaIn a cultural recreational center in Luanda, Cuban Ambassador to Angola Gisela Garcia thanked the presence of hundreds of Angolans, Cubans and people from other countries in the ceremony for a date full of patriotism and history to her country. (Photo:  Gisela Garcia)

She recalled when in the Cuban eastern city of Bayamo, on October 20, 1868, the lyrics of the rebel song was sang for the first time, saying that “to die for the homeland is to live,” and the bond between justice, freedom and identity remained symbolically sealed in the island’s fate.

When the Ambassador left the stage, the Cuban vocal quartet Sexto Sentido delighted the audience with known songs in its repertoire, which includes elements of jazz, rap, feeling, rhythm and blues, Brazilian music and of course, Cuban music as well.

The group Buena Suerte, also from Cuba and with a singer that showed her roots with elements of country music, played Cuban songs and others internationally known.

The orchestra Caribe, with young musicians in its lineup, also played their songs at the ceremony, influenced by reggae and bossa nova.

In the cultural evening for the Cuban Culture Day in Angola, music prevailed, the closest art to tears and memories.

Source:  Cuban News Agency

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