The Education Revolution: Cuba’s Alternative to Neoliberalism

“In fact, as discussed in this book, Cuba is the only country in the entire history of civilization to establish a high quality, WHO-validated, 6 year medical training programme – entirely free and with full food and board – for any adequately schooled person from anywhere in the world, but who cannot afford medical school in their own country.”  (Author, Professor Theodore MacDonald)

the education revolution

Emeritus Professor Theodore H MacDonald, former Director of Postgraduate Studies in Health at Brunel University, has years of experience in the fields of education, health promotion and equality. He has used his extensive knowledge of a number of education systems, gained by living and working in Cuba, Australia, US and the UK to write about the development of the Cuban education system. 

In The Education Revolution – Cuba’s Alternative to Neoliberalism, published in association with the National Union of Teachers, Professor MacDonald gives a carefully chronicled account of the development of Cuba’s education system from the first vestiges of a national literacy campaign through to the current state of education in Cuba today, adding analysis and critique as he follows the timeline of development.

Read more at: The Education Revolution

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