At the UN: Cuba Calls for the Release of the Cuban Five

Geneva, September 12, 2013. As part of the twenty-fourth session of the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, the Cuban Ambassador, Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo, denounced the unjust imprisonment of the Five anti-terrorists who were imprisoned 15 years ago.

Cuban delegation to the UN Geneva

Speaking at the annual debate on the gender perspective, the Cuban representative recalled that the U.S. government continues to deny visas to two of his wives, preventing them from visiting them in prison, a fact that constitutes a clear expression of violence against women and violation of their rights.

Rodriguez Camejo referred to the call recently made by René González for all Cubans to wear yellow ribbons on this day to send a symbolic message to the American people and help break down the wall of silence that has arisen on the case in the United States .

The Cuban delegation in Geneva were dressed full of yellow ribbons to join the just demand for the release of their four brothers and to renew their commitment to continue fighting tirelessly for their final return to Cuba.

yellow ribbon 2

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