Havana Hosts International Forum on Autism

July 2

autismo-cubaCuban experts will brief delegates from 25 countries on their 50-year experience in developing Special Education  and on the attention of autistic children over the past 20 years.

The exchange is part of the First International Forum on Autism and Inclusion which is taking place these days at Havana’s Conventions Center.

The Cuban and foreign specialists are discussing issues, such as adapting regular curricula in order to take on children with slight disabilities, selecting and training teachers to attend autistic children, and assisting families with members suffering development problems.

The forum is being sponsored by the World Special Education Association and the Havana-based Latin American Center of Reference for Special Education.

Many autistic behaviors are of unknown origin; they are difficult to diagnose and even so, their treatment is very expensive. However, all 188 children diagnosed with autism in Cuba are receiving free-of-charge attention in five schools included in a network of 137 special education centers, whose total registration reaches nearly 40 thousand students.

Source:  Cuban News Agency


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