Close Guantanamo, Avaaz petition

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This 2009 video is called Exclusive Tour Of Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray – Full Documentary.


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GuantanamoIn 24 hours, President Obama could end more than a decade of injustice by finally closing Guantanamo — the world’s most notorious prison camp. While he preps for a major speech to respond to hunger-striking detainees, let’s send him a massive message: no more excuses — the world demands he close this American gulag down. Sign now:
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In 24 hours, President Obama could finally move to close Guantanamo — the most notorious prison camp on earth.

With inmates on a 100-day hunger strike and the UN denouncing their force feeding as torture, Obama has been pushed to respond with a major speech about the prison. If enough of us demand a plan — he could free the prisoners already cleared for release, and appoint a White House official with one mission:…

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