French embassy bomb attack, blowback from Libya, Mali wars

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This 23 April 2013 video is about the bomb attack on the French embassy in Tripoli, Libya.

After Al-Qaeda and similar groups were allies of the USA, Britain, France and other NATO countries in the Libya war (which they still are in the Syria war) … the United States ambassador in Libya was killed by former allies of NATO.

NATO’s “new” Libya turned out to be unsafe for British, and Dutch, citizens.

It seems that now it is the turn of France.

From the BBC:

France condemns Libya embassy attack

23 April 2013 Last updated at 10:06 GMT Help

The French foreign minister has strongly condemned an apparent car bomb explosion outside the country’s embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Two guards were wounded in the blast, which completely destroyed the embassy’s reception area and parts of neighbouring homes.

The BBC’s Rana Jawad says embassies…

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