The UN Security Council must be democratized … Cuba

UNITED NATIONS.—Cuba has called for an urgent and profound reform of the Security Council to eliminate the lack of transparency, democracy and effectiveness of this principal UN body responsible for peace and international security. It has also demanded its immediate enlargement, both in terms of permanent and non-permanent members, and the eradication of the veto privilege, given its anachronistic and anti-democratic nature.

These demands were expressed by Pedro Núñez Mosquera, Cuba’s permanent representative to the UN, during a General Assembly session on the integration of the Security Council and its enlarged membership.

A genuine reform of the UN will only take place when the Security Council is democratized, has a genuinely transparent structure and confronts global challenges in a just manner, the Cuban ambassador noted.

Insisting on the urgency of these changes, he warned, “Ignoring this demand is not only damaging, but is an insult to member states of the organization.

Núñez Mosquera reiterated the Cuban proposal for an immediate expansion of the Security Council in the category of permanent members and rejected the alternative of only increasing the non-permanent category.

No permanent seat for Africa and Latin America

He described as unjust the fact that there is currently no permanent seat for Africa, despite the fact that the agenda of this body has many issues relating to the continent.

He also lamented the absence of Latin American representation among permanent Security Council members.

“Nothing justifies this lack of constant participation on the part of developing countries as members of a body of much importance within the organization,” he noted (PL)

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