AIDS Epidemic Can Be Brought to an End, Says Cuban Scientist

The HIV infection may be brought to an end, but this goal requires strategies and actions including preventive, early treatment and post exposure attention, said a Cuban expert in Washington, Dr. Jorge Perez.

The director of the Havana-based Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK), Dr. Perez, told Presna Latina news agency that the HIV prevalence decreased in some countries and specific zones, which evidences the possibility to find a definite solution to the epidemic.

However, such a goal cannot be reached with a single project or through miraculous cure, but through a group of coordinated actions, including research and the study of new drugs and treatments that help improve the quality of life of those infected with the disease, Dr. Perez said.

The Cuban expert was participating at the 19th International Conference on HIV-AIDS in the US capital, where he took part in a working session on HIV infection and non-transmissible chronic diseases.

The outstanding Cuban expert, along the head of the HIV-AIDS program of the Cuban Health Ministry, Maria Lantero, attended a forum in the facilities of the US House of Representatives to explain about the Cuban HIV program.

In his explanation before lawmakers and scientists, Dr. Perez said that Cuban experts are currently developing two HIV-AIDS vaccines, but they are faced with challenges in their research posed by the US measures prohibiting Cuba to purchase reagents produced by American companies.

The forum was organized by US lawmaker Barbara Lee, a democrat for the state of California.

July 27, 2012
Source:  Cuban News Agency

YESCuba News
Kingston, Jamaica

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